The Bicistazione is a service that has allowed, in addition to the enhancement of a previously unused public space, the creation of a qualified point of assistance for the dissemination of good practices related to soft and sustainable mobility, with a view to improving air quality and promoting health. In addition to offering rental, maintenance and repair services, the Bicistazione is the meeting point for those who decide to adopt the bicycle as a means of daily transportation.
Soft mobility, and in particular zero-emission mobility, is one of the few useful solutions for reducing air pollution and “enjoying” the landscape with serenity in a densely populated area.

sharing electric bikes

The Bicistazione is located in the municipality of Cologno Monzese and offers the rental of bicycles also with pedal assistance, with the possibility of fast charging for all private means of transport powered by electricity. This project represents one of the most important systems to reduce air pollution, in an area crossed by the busiest European ring road (Tangenziale Est di Milano).
The structure is a meeting point and exchange of experiences and skills related to the world of cycling and for the dissemination of a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.
In addition to technical assistance, employees provide information and advice support for those who use their bikes as their main and subordinate means of transport on a daily basis.
Repair workshop
The structure is equipped for the repair of every type of bicycle: the many daily requests are the sign of an ever-increasing attention to this ecological and economic means of transport. In the first year of operation, there has been a progressive increase in the number of users using these services.

The Bicistazione offers the possibility of having a point equipped for the recycling of abandoned cycling material, giving new life to old bicycles. This service has made it possible to satisfy the demand of many users, who have been able to acquire recovered bicycles that work at very low prices. The Bicistazione is one of the few existing facilities to offer this type of service.

he city of Cologno borders the city of Milan and is well connected to it by the underground network “2” with three stops on its territory. With the underground network you can reach every place in the city of Milan and through the railway network is connected to the main cities of Lombardy. The metro stop of Milan’s Centrale railway station is just 9 stops from Cologno Sud station (12 minutes), and this stop is just a few meters from the longest uninterrupted cycle path in Lombardy: the Martesana canal. The Cologno Nord stop is the best interchange system (subway, bicycle and electric motorbike) for the PLIS Media Valle del Lambro (Cologno – Sesto S.G.). – Brugherio), the PLIS Est delle Cave (Cologno – Brugherio – Cernusco s/N – Carugate – Vimodrone), the park of the Villa Reale in Monza, included in the Regional Park of the Lambro Valley and the Parco Agricolo sud Milano (among the municipalities that are part of it Cernusco s/N, Cassina dè Pecchi, Gorgonzola).

To carry out this project, bikes, assisted pedal bikes and electric motorcycles will be purchased.

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