Metropolitan Charter

L’importante documento di sintesi per programmare e pianificare la mobilità sostenibile ed elettrica nei comuni.

Sustainable mobility

Un nostro vanto per lo sviluppo della mobilità sostenibile è stata la realizzazione di una bicistazione.

Electric Mobility

There is only one type of sustainable mobility and that is electric mobility: the only democratic “means” that will make us free.

Consortium Ecocarbon

Il Consorzio non ha fini di lucro ed è costituito per sviluppare, promuovere e valorizzare l’utilizzo del #CSSCombustibile.

Assicurazioni per Soci

Assicurati con CLASS

CLASS ha attivato per i soci una convenzione eccezionale per RCA dei veicoli elettrici. Puoi chiedere un preventivo anche per un’auto tradizionale.

About us

CLASS is an association established under the terms of art. 5 paragraph e) of the Legislative Decree. 3 July 2017, No. 117


The most important project based on sustainable mobility carried out in Lombardy

Insurances EV

We have an agreement with ITAS that benefits sponsoring members with electric vehicles.

Metropolitan Charter

Full document of the Metropolitan Charter of Electromobility


Ecocarbon Consortium for Secondary Solid Fuel, for a better environment.

Contact us

Email addresses and phone numbers to contact

The mission of CLASS is to disseminate sustainable and electric mobility.

Metropolitan charter.

CLASS is an association established under the terms of art. 5 paragraph e) of the Legislative Decree. 3 July 2017, no. 117. Through the funds and contributions made available by calls and donations, we develop scientific research and environmental dissemination.

We have facilities, thanks to Cooperativa Insieme and ITAS MUTUA, dedicated exclusively to supporting members, for insurance related to environmental sustainability.

Class has founded the Ecocarbon Consortium for Secondary Solid Fuel. Class is the promoter of the most important project based on sustainable mobility in Lombardy. Class promotes the Metropolitan Electromobility Charter document.

In order to disseminate it, it is necessary to know the reference legislation for electric mobility in force. We suggest you go to the Class page dedicated to the informative mission of the regulations.

Support the electric car in Italy, help us to spread the news about electric cars, their sustainability, battery, but especially about their ecology. All electric cars on the market are for Electric Mobility = Sustainable Mobility. Remember that there are also electric bikes or pedal-assisted. The world of electric mobility is not only electric vehicles but also electric bikes. On the market you can find the hybrid plugin cars that allow you to introduce the beginner to electric driving. These cars are recommended for those who want 4×4 hybrid cars. Hybrid cars can also be beneficial at the level of sustainable mobility when used in electric mode. If you enroll in Class you will receive the list of electric cars for sale in Italy. Ask us for an opinion and a quote for the insurance of your electric car: we have an insurance agreement advantageous for ONLY our members.

For contacts, and to become a free member, please fill out the form below.CL

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